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Dental and Vision

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Understanding Individual Dental Insurance

There are three types of dental plans:

• Standard plans give you a free or low-cost exam, cleaning and x-rays once or twice a year. Higher cost benefits require that you wait six to twelve month before getting things like fillings (usually six months) and crowns (usually 12 months). Waiting periods may be waived if you had dental coverage within 60 days. There is an annual maximum on benefit amounts the insurance will cover.

• Copay plans Reimburses you a fixed amount for each service, such as $700 for a crown. You pay any difference between the fixed amount and the total dentist bill.
• Preventive/Discount plans may include routine exams and cleanings, but offer no other benefits. Instead, you pay for services as you use them but get the insurance company’s discount with the dentist.
You can enroll in dental any time during the year. If you have a dentist you want to stay with, we need to check whether that dentist accepts the insurance plan you want. Contact Hal to see which plan is best for you(hyperlink this last sentence to contact page)


Understanding Vision Coverage

VSP is a national provider of vision insurance. Other companies also offer standalone vision plans. Most plans are under $20 per month.

The plans all provide for regular eye exams. Beyond that, they vary in the amount the insurance will pay for contacts or frames, and which options (e.g., tinting frames, bifocals, etc.) will be covered.

You can enroll in vision plans any time during the year. If you have a provider you want to stay with, we can check to see whether that person accepts the insurance plan. Contact Hal to see which plan is best for you (hyperlink last sentence to contact page)

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