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Medicare-Eligible Supplementary Plan Options

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This is no single right answer to the question:  “Which supplemental Medicare plan is best for me?”  There are many considerations including your health situation, lifestyle, and special needs. Instead of talking to a stranger on the phone.  Give me a call so we can talk about what’s right for you.

Original Medicare
Baseline Coverage for Eligible People

What is sometimes called "Original Medicare" refers to the coverage under the first two parts of the Medicare law:

Part A- Covers hospital stays, skilled nursing, hospice and other facility-related services.


Part B-  Doctors visits, tests, therapy, and other services not covered by Part A you think of as major medical benefits

The government processes and pays claims for those with Part A and B coverage.  There are deductibles and customers pay 20% of medical costs.  There is no out-of-pocket limit on this 20% share.

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Prescription Drugs
Part D Prescription Drug Coverage
Getting qualified prescription drug coverage

Part D of the Medicare Law was passed in recognition of the increasing importance of prescription medications as compared to 1964 when the original law was passed.
If you choose Original Medicare as your coverage method, you must obtain Part D qualifying prescription drug coverage when your Part B becomes active.  These plans meet federal standards, but are sold by insurance companies.

Medicare Advantage Plans
All-In-One Medicare Coverage 

Part C of the Medicare law authorized insurance companies to offer qualified health insurance plans that cover all major medical be benefits covered under Parts A, B and D.   These plans are like plans for under-65 people in that there are copays and coinsurance costs, but also a cap on the member's out-of-pocket expenses for covered items each year.

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Which Choice is Right for You?
One size does not fit all.

Making the best choice for your Medicare supplemental coverage requres careful consideration of your health, lifestyle and other important factors.   Don't choose a plan from a voice on the phone.  Contact Hal for an Introduction to Medicare Options and answers to your questions-- all in plan English.

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