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Colorado ACA Renewals and Deadlines Shift

Updated: Feb 12, 2021


Here are a couple of updates I am sending out because many people have asked about them.

My plan renewed by itself. Can I change it?

In the past, Connect for Health Colorado (Connect) processed automatic renewals for next year's plans on December 15-- the same date Open Enrollment normally closes.

This year, Connect changed to processing renewals on December 1 rather than December 15 . This gives the insurance companies more time to get new policies set up and cards sent out before the plans start.

Connect sent emails to all people affected by auto enrollment, notifying them of the renewal action. Clients who are considering other plans, have contacted me worried that they are locked in to the wrong plan.

I wanted to let you know that you still have until the enrollment deadline to change the renewal plan or to cancel coverage altogether for 2021.

Here are your options:

· If you got notice that your plan is renewed and you want to keep it, do nothing or contact me to confirm your decision to stay with your plan. I will monitor the renewal process to make sure everything is completed.

· If I have sent you quotes for other plans, please let me know as soon as possible what your choices are. The deadline is coming up as noted below.

· If you want to get quotes for other plans, please let me know as soon as possible so I can get them to you in time to apply before Open Enrollment ends.


Deadline Extended for ACA Enrollments in Colorado

Referring to issues encountered this year with the enrollment systems, Connect for Health Colorado (Connect) announced an extension of the deadline to enroll in health insurance with a January 1, 2021 start. The announcement sent to Brokers said:

As a result of the issues you’ve experienced, we have decided to provide an extension for customers to enroll for coverage starting Jan. 1, 2021 from Dec. 15, 2020 to Dec. 18, 2020. We will provide you with additional guidance next week on how to access the extension for Jan. 1 coverage for customers. Thank you for your patience

That is good news for people who have gotten a late start or have encountered system problems in identifying and enrolling in plans.

If you have not yet enrolled for 2021 or want to change your renewal plan, please contact me to send quotes or decide among the quotes you have received. I want to give us as much time as possible to complete the process before the deadline.


What Are My Options If I Miss the Deadline?

Should anyone miss the now-December 18 deadline to enroll for a January 1 start, you can still enroll up until January 15, 2021 for a February 1 start. This will mean you would not have the insurance for January, but it is the last date to enroll without qualifying for a Special Enrollment Period during the year.

During the calendar year, you may enroll only if you have a Qualified Life Change Event that creates a Special Enrollment Period. This link provides information on changes that might qualify: LIfe Change Events

Outside of Open Enrollment-- if you do not have a Qualified Life Change Event -- your options are much reduced and often less complete than qualified Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans.


Please call or email if you have questions or need additional information.

I am thankful for the opportunity to continue serving your needs for health and life insurance.

Best Regards,

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